To Protect and Preserve. ..

Our Mission Statement

Heernett Environmental Foundation's goals are to protect and preserve the amazing native wildlife, plants, and streams systems through out the Chehalis River Basin, our local community, and Washington State.  We realize how fortunate we are to live in a region with a rich and diverse abundance of natural resources, and at HEF we are taking on the responsibility by helping to protect it. By actively participating in our watershed, our goal is to take the lead as a group, and a community, to encourage others to follow in our footsteps. There is so much we can accomplish with a collaborative effort to move forward with amazing success!.

With perseverance, outreach, and community efforts, we believe that we can ALL make a difference!

As we express our graditiude we must never forget, that the highest apprecieation is not to utter words, but to live by them. .......  JFK

The Heernett Environmental Foundation receives the 2008 Washington State Wildlife Steward of the Year Award! Read more. ..

The town, community, and watershed that we all live in, works hand in hand with each other.  Each action we do in our lives either individually, or together, makes a difference in the environment. The smallest impacts we make each day are the ones that collectively add up over time.   Our choices of laundry detergents, the fertilizer we use for greener grass, the time of day we choose to water our lawns, to washing our cars in the driveway.  All of the contaminated runoff ends up in our well water that we drink, in our aquifers, in our streams.  It might impact you today, tomorrow, in a decade or it could affect someone living miles down stream!  Be aware of how your decisions can impact others.

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